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Buying Guide for Dog Pool Ramp

It’s an amazing feeling to go for swimming with family and each member is enjoying swim on their own. Our pet partners will find it difficult to get into and out of the pool. You may have to assist them or let them see others enjoying in pool. One best option is to carry a dog pool ramp.

Advantages of Dog Pool Ramp

Although dogs can find their way to swimming pools, but its always important to consider their safety. Dog Pool Ramp offers following advantages

Dog Pool Ramp

• They allow the dog to get into water easily and also out of a water. It is especially useful for dogs with arthritic problems and also for small dogs

• Incase the dog has accidentally fallen in water, the dog can find their way out with the help of ramps, stairs or platforms. Try to make your pet wear life jacket to be secure.

Tips for buying a dog pool ramp

A number of considerations to be taken into account while buying a dog pool ramp, here is the list


We are talking about the pool ramp, so definitely it has to be resistant to water. It should be resistant to rust and corrosion. Ramps made of ABC plastic or aluminum will be more durable. It is advised that ramps should also be resistant to chlorine and UV radiations. Ramps made of pressboard are coated with a protective layer to avoid water entry. Any damage to the protective barrier will ruin the ramp.

Good grip:

One of the important features which is to be taken into consideration is the grip and safe footing. The animal will be wet while climbing the ramp; the ramp should give good grip to avoid slipping. Manufactures do lot of variations in the ramp surface such as adding, gaps, ridges, perforation or using textures.

Smooth edges:

The ramp should have smooth edges so as to avoid injury incase of accidedntal fall. The rough edges should be smoothen incase they are present. Be safe and ensure that there are no sharp ridges which can be dangerous for the dog.

Installation of ramps:

The dog pool ramps are easy to install. They can be installed within minutes. Most ramps comes with nuts and bolts. Ramps which can be added to the boat should have a ladder onto which ramp is placed. Ramps should be lightweight portable and durable. Installation of inground ramps requires drilling in the cement. So careful while selecting the area, as removing and installing again will make you drill holes in your swimming pool.

Transport of Dog Pool Ramps

These ramps can be fixed near the pool with the help off nuts and bolts. These fixed structures can be easily removed for cleaning of swimming pool or changing the location of the ramp. Ideally the ramp should be light in weight and portable. Most of the ramps are foldable which allows you to store during winter.

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